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Our pupils come to us as young as four to six years old. We bring the basics of world-class Olympic TKO to Indianapolis, combining self-defense skills with sport and fitness in our full-sized tko ring. Our instruction focuses on techniques like blocks, kicks, punches, strikes, throws, and joint locks. More importantly, however, we also imbue our young students with the respect, self-discipline, confidence, and love of fitness that will put them ahead of their peers. The result is children who have a more positive outlook and perform better in school than children who are not involved in martial arts.

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TKO is a mixed martial arts school geared toward providing training in self-discipline, self-defense and respect for self and others. TKOIndy is dedicated to providing more than just physical training. TKOIndy was developed out of need to provide a safe and secure environment for all our students where they can receive mentorship, education & training. TKOIndy is located on the Far East side of Indy and our vision is to work along side our local community, local churches & organizations & be the “Village” that our youth so desperately need. TKOIndy is honored to be a part of this great community and we work closely with all our students, parents and all enrolled members to develope successful individuals.

Our students experience include increased confidence, mental clarity, and overall life satisfaction. By simply joining our kickboxing classes in Indianapolis, you can kick your way into top condition.
Our students range in age from four to seventeen and represent a wide variety of skill levels. Our years of experience teaching martial arts to children have made us experts in the ways that these exercises can help positively impact developing bodies—and how to perform them as safely as possible.


You’ll see both immediate and long-lasting benefits, including: -Weight loss: Kickboxing is considered the ultimate workout because it combines movement with kicks and punches for a high-intensity workout that combines both cardio and strength training. You will burn more fat and build more muscle, resulting in greater weight loss and longer lasting results.


-Peak physical fitness: Because kickboxing is such a complete total-body workout, it will get you into better shape than you have been in your life. Whether you are new to the world of fitness or already exercise regularly, our world-class instructors are about to help you find out just how much your body is capable of.

-Improved mental health: Exercise has been proven to release endorphins that help elevate mood and contribute to mental clarity. Increased self-esteem: Studies indicate that athletes have better body image than non-athletes because they focus as much on how their body performs as they do on how it looks. Not only will you feel more confident in the way your newly toned

Prime Locations

10030 East Washington St Indianapolis, IN 46229 Located at the northeast corner of East Washington Street (US 40) and Mitthoeffer

High Quality Instruction

We offer a unique blended martial arts system that includes knowledge from many sources. We encourage students to modify the arts to meet individual needs. Our instructors will make sure the systems work for you.

Open 6 Days a Week

Kids class - Tues-Thurs at 5:30pm
Adults & advanced class - Tues-Thurs at 7:15-8:45pm & Sat at 10-11:30pm
Kickboxing - Mon at 5:30pm & Sat at 2-4pm

Private Instruction - Wed-Fri

Personal Support

There is only one martial arts club with the experience, equipment, and leadership to make it worthy of the title. Owned and operated by world dedicated professionals and champion instructors with over 30 years of combined experience.


TKO is only for students who are truly passionate, truly driven, and truly willing to do everything it takes to become the best. Along the way, you will gain unparalleled benefits, such as clearer focus, greater self-discipline, improved self-esteem, the ability to protect yourselves and your loved ones, and a respected place in a community of like-minded people working to achieve the same goals.
TKO Fight Night Middleweight Champion Recommended Taekwondo Black Belt. TKO’s kickboxing classes are the most complete total-body workout. A world-class martial arts champion, you will learn precision hand and foot strikes that get your heart rate pumping and work out every one of your muscle groups. Because our classes combine cardio and strength training into a single workout, you will burn more calories and get faster results all while you learn to defend yourself in real-world conflict situations.

Prime Locations

Located at the northeast corner of East Washington Street (US 40) and Mitthoeffer Road, Washington Plaza features retailers like Furniture Discounters, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Sherwin-Williams. With a population of more than 559,000 within 10 miles, the area has an average household income of more than $63,000.

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